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Convert a dict object to a single string object in python

I’m facing a problem. I have a dict object which comes from a file (coming from a server) like the following:
{‘5474176’: {‘5d7de5c24f8ba6e is a new releases serial, crack, keygen notifications portal…. The software named simple serial key keygen. Watermark ardfry.. The serial number is found inside the serial key in the serial key keygen for Ardfry.Condolences to the family of Keith Linwood, as well as to the entire Dewhurst and Pembroke county communities who have lost a well-loved man. Keith was a talented, dedicated teacher and coach, who left many students behind. The former custodian at the Wayne Henderson Middle School, now Texas State University, remembers Keith as a dedicated, energetic, and affable teacher.

“He was a tireless volunteer,” said Charles Mitchell, now a professor at the University of North Carolina.“He worked at State without pay, in addition to being a teacher, coach, and track star.”

In the early 1970s, Keith Linwood was a track coach at the middle school.

“The team kept him busy. From time to time, he would come into my office and complain about something – in a calm and rational way,” recalled Mitchell.

“Keith was just the kind of person to draw you out, and teach you a lot. He was the perfect complement to a student-centered classroom.”

“Without even meaning to, Keith imbued you with his pride in the school. He had a self-serving altruism that made him generous with his time, knowledge, and energy.”

Former Wayne Henderson student Jermaine Pollard, of Houston, expressed his feelings this way.

“I remember Keith as a positive and very well-liked person,” Pollard wrote. “He was passionate about his position as a track coach and about the sports programs and activities in the school.”

“But the thing I remember the most about him is that he would do anything to help anybody. He was willing to help out with whatever it was that anyone needed.”

As for Keith Linwood’s track team, Pollard said it was good.

“They were so good, they were the reason I became a track coach,” he said. “It’s always good to have a good coach – he was such a role model for me and my teammates.”

Keith Lin


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