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: Relative expression of *Cp-H3*


: *Euphorbia jolkinii* histone H3


: *Euphorbia jolkinii* histone H4


: Enhanced green fluorescent protein


: *Euphorbia spectabilis*


: *Euphorbia urticifolia* histone H3


: *Euphorbia urticifolia* histone H4


: Green fluorescent protein


: *green Ubiq*tation


: Histone 3


: Histone 4


: Nuclear localization signal


: *p35S*::*nos*


: *p35S*::*GFP*


: *Rhizogonium galegae*


: *Rhizogonium galegae* histone H3


: *Rhizogonium galegae* histone H4


: Scanning electron microscopy


: *S


Elytra – The Never Ending Journey

Elytra – The Never Ending Journey

Elytra – The Never Ending Journey

Living on the beach, I can hardly get away from the view. Elytra, a very large seastar, is my constant companion throughout the day. Right in front of me is a school of big, colorful fish that has been steadily increasing for the last couple of days. They swarm the lobsters that make their homes in the rocks in front of the school. This area of underwater habitat is already heavily populated with life.
Once in a while, the school will pull in the biggest fish of the day, the anticipated (and highly-anticipated) bluefin tuna. As this catpasses nearby, there is an explosion of color, activity and excitement and I rush to get in position with my camera. This chance will not come again.
I have been living here for almost 3 years and I was until recently in complete amazement of the number of animals and plants that call this place home. It is the largest underwater canyon in the world, running for about 10 to 15 km from shore.
On my last dive, I witnessed a massive stingray feeding on a giant crab. The school of fish joined in on the feast. They turned the crab into a circle by the time I could get close enough to film them. The crabs can get quite big in this part of the world. I have already seen over 10 different species of crabs in my little corner of the world.
If I have done my part to protect and preserve these waters, it will be up to those who follow me and those who come after us to honor this commitment and not allow another dam to be built.

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